Schezwan Egg Dosa

Dosa batter, Egg - 2, Oil, Butter, (Red chilli powder, Pepper powder, salt) - for sprinkle on dosa, Schezwan chutney

Schezwan chutney Link:


Get all the ingredients.
In a dosa tawa, spread the batter. Add a small cube of butter and 1 tsp of Red Hot / Schezwan chutney and spread it across dosa.
Beat egg on the dosa, spread the egg mixture all over the dosa. Sprinkle some mixed red chilli powder, salt & pepper powder on the dosa. Smear oil all over the dosa. Cook dosa on both sides. Once cooked, fold the dosa and take the dosa out of the plate.
Schezwan Egg Dosa is ready to serve with chutney and sambar.

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