Thaen Mittai

Idli Rice – 1 cup, Urad gram – 1/4 cup, Orange Red Food Coloring as needed, Oil for Deep frying, Sugar – 1 cup, Water – 1/4 cup


Get all the ingredients ready.
Soak rice and urad gram in water for 3 hours.
For sugar syrup, take sugar in a  sauce pan, add in some water and mix well, the sugar is melted and it boils.

Once it gets little thick and syrup, put it on very
low heat to keep the syrup warm.
Transfer the soaked drained rice and urad gram in a blender add little water.
Blends it into a thick smooth paste. Do not add too much water, the consistency should be thick.
Then, transfer into a bowl and add some food coloring.
Now heat oil for deep frying, take a small portion from the mix and
drop in hot oil.You have to fry this till the outer gets nice and
crispy and crunchy. Then, drain it.
Now drop this in the hot sugar syrup. Leave it for 2 mins
drain it
Thaen Mittai is ready.

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