Pori Urundai | Puffed Rice Laddu

Pori / Puffed Rice - 3 cup, Jaggery - 1 cup, Lemon juice - 1 tsp, Dry ginger powder - a pinch


Get all the ingredients ready.
Add jaggery in a sauce pan with 1 tbsp of water. keeping the flame on low stir continuously until the jaggery melts.
Check the consistency, by dropping syrup into a bowl of water, it should form a soft ball. else boil for another minute and check.
Add Jaggery into pori and mix well.
Mix until the mixture is well combined and jaggery syrup is coated well.
Grease your hand with ghee and prepare laddu when the mixture is still warm.
Pori Urundai | Puffed Rice Laddu is ready.

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